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Electrostatic Painting by David Dowland & Co has over 35 years in the business.

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Keep your metal and fiberglass structures looking sharp and professional with Electrostatic Painting by David Dowland & Co.

We offer a wide range of services for your needs.

Specializing in on-site metal refinishing and locker repair.

Electrostatic Painting by David Dowland has over 35 years of experience helping families, businesses and other commercial entities refurbish their metal and fiberglass furnishings and appliances using coating techniques perfected over the course of decades.

Unlike traditional painting, the electrostatic metal finishing process relies on the molecules within the paint itself becoming attracted to the furniture in question. The paint can be applied on-site using a technique that is environmentally friendly and that leaves your metal objects looking as good as new.

View our Services page for the full list of objects that can be refurbished using electrostatic painting, and thank you for your interest in David Dowland and Company, operating in Omaha and the Midwest since 1981.

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