Office Equipment

Office Equipment

filing cabinets touched up

Office Equipment:  First impressions mean everything. Don’t let the presentation of your office give a customer or client a reason to go elsewhere.  New office furniture can be expensive and may not be what’s best for your business. Electrostatic paint can rejuvenate your office space.

A Modern Touch: Freshly painted furniture will give a clean and modern look to your workplace, brightening up and making everything look more inviting than ever.

Diamonds in the Rough: You may not realize what can be repainted with electrostatic paint.  File cabinets can be scuffed, and desks and other shelving units sustain wear and tear over the course of time. Don’t be okay with the status quo; desks, drawers, desktops, cabinets and more can be repaired and repainted.

Restroom Refurb: Metal stalls and dividers are perfect candidates for electrostatic painting. Rust, dings and dents can take their toll, but our process will eliminate the visible damage for a fraction of the cost of replacing your entire restroom.